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5 Supplements that Help Support Your Immune System

Key Takeaways:

  • In order to support a strong immune system, your body requires certain vitamins such as vitamins C, D, and E, and benefits from antioxidants like ginseng.
  • While diet, exercise, and sleep should always be the foundation for a healthy immune system, supplements are an easy way to help get the immune support you need.

Supplements are an easy and effective way to help keep your immune system strong. Here are some of our favorites.

Immune health is an important component to maintaining overall health and achieving your wellness goals. While your diet should always be the primary way to get your vitamins and minerals, supplements can help fill in the gaps for any areas of immune support your diet may be missing.

Let’s look at five fundamental supplements for your immune health.


1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C is one of the leading vitamins for immune support.* This nutrient is important for the function of white blood cells, which are vital components of the immune system. It also acts as an antioxidant, helping to fight free radicals that circulate in the body.

However, the body cannot store vitamin C so it needs to be replenished daily. Your body can’t make vitamin C on its own, so it needs to acquire it from external sources – such as your diet, or supplements. 

Citrus fruits such as oranges or grapefruits are rich in vitamin C. Red bell peppers are also a great source of vitamin C for people trying to get their daily dose of vitamin C while avoiding the sugar in fruit.

While there are many foods that provide vitamin C, the easiest way to ensure you’re getting sufficient immune support is by taking a vitamin C supplement such as Solgar Vitamin C 1000 mg Vegetable Capsules, or a deliciously flavored chewable vitamin C, such as this one. Solgar Quercetin Complex with Ester-C Plus is another great immune supporting supplement.*


2. Vitamin E

Another antioxidant and essential nutrient for good health is Vitamin E. Vitamin E is one of the body’s primary fat-soluble antioxidants. Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin E, allowing Vitamin E’s antioxidant properties to be maintained. 

Vitamin E is found in raw seeds and nuts, eggs, leafy vegetables, and legumes. Sunflower seeds, in particular, are a great source of Vitamin E. Just a quarter-cup of sunflower seeds contains 82% of the daily recommended amount of Vitamin E. 

If your diet lacks foods that contain Vitamin E, try adding a serving of Solgar Liquid Vitamin E to your water or smoothie, or take a Vitamin E Softgel in the morning to help maintain a healthy immune system.*


3. Zinc

Zinc is a trace mineral that is important for immune function.* Zinc plays a role in over 300 enzymes in the body and is a key player in supporting your health.

The cacao found in dark chocolate contains phenolic compounds that exhibit antioxidant properties. It also contains zinc that can support immune function.*1

To ensure you’re getting your daily dose of zinc, try taking a supplement such as Solgar’s Chelated Zinc Tablets.


4. Vitamin D

Vitamin D is an important nutrient that helps support healthy bones, teeth, and the immune system.* Vitamin D may assist the immune system by helping to regulate T- and B-lymphocytes, supporting the ability of macrophages to work within the body, and by promoting the synthesis of mononuclear cells.

The sun is your main source of Vitamin D, but if you’re spending a lot of time indoors or live in a northern climate, a supplement is a great idea, such as Solgar Vitamin D3 Tablets.


5. Ginseng

Ginseng is a popular component of Eastern medicine, and is still used today in traditional Chinese practices. It contains naturally occurring ginsenosides, which are the active compounds in ginseng. These bioactive factors play a vital role in the well-being of your body. Ginseng is also gaining a reputation as an immune support herb.*

There are three types of ginseng: Korean, American, and Red. Korean ginseng, which grows in the mountains of Eastern Asia, has the unique ability to revitalize the body. It is also known as an immune support herb.* 

Solgar’s SFP Korean Ginseng Root Extract combines the ideas of both traditional herbalism and standardized herbal technology to create the perfect ginseng supplement. To ensure you get the highest quality ginseng, we isolate a controlled amount of the active plant compounds, and then blend these enhanced compounds with naturally occurring parts of the herb. This creates a potent, premium-quality herbal extract with all the best qualities found in nature.


Don’t forget!

Supplements should never substitute the fundamentals of a healthy immune system: sleep, a good diet, and exercise! These things – as well as staying hydrated and managing stress – will help to keep your immune system healthy and strong. 

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