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Solgar® Cellular Nutrition is a holistic collection of nutrients for cell health.

We are here to help you own your own healthy aging narrative and age boldy.

The Cellular Nutrition Collection

Formulated with targeted cellular nutrients to help fight cellular decline and promote cell healthƚ, our specialized portfolio is crafted so you can feel like your best self.ƚ

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Key ingredient: Niagen® Nicotinamide Riboside

  • Supports cell energy, repair and vitality†
  • Clinically shown to increase NAD+ levels, a critical coenzyme that may decline with age, in as little as two weeks†



Key ingredient: Mitopure® Urolithin A

  • Supports muscle strength^†
  • Clinically shown to renew mitochondria‡, the “powerhouses” of the cells that play a key role in healthy muscle function†



Key ingredient: GlyNAC, a patented blend of Glycine & N-Acetyl Cysteine

  • Helps protect cells†
  • Supports glutathione production, which helps protect cells from daily damage†


Your cells need nutrients to power your all

As we age, our cellular functions decline. Ordinary supplements, such as multivitamins and minerals, may not restore these declines in cellular health.

The Solgar® Cellular Nutrition portfolio provides cellular nutrients that target deep inside cells to help renew key natural processes that help fight sources of cellular decline.†

By introducing a whole new paradigm, Solgar® Cellular Nutrition is rewriting the rules of cellular aging.

Enhance your cellular potential today.†

Let’s redefine the world of aging with a cultural shift from viewing age in terms of lifespan to understanding age in terms of healthspan. 

The New Age of Aging 

Advances in science have led to the discovery of a time-dependent decline of several cellular mechanisms that starts in our 40s and accelerates in our 60s. This deterioration can contribute to the functional declines seen in aging. 

One of the key drivers behind these changes is mitochondrial dysfunction.

Mitochondria are key organelles that power our cells. As they become dysfunctional, the impacts can have far reaching effects, manifesting in noticeable changes in energy levels, flexibility, strength, stamina, and overall resilience. 

A Holistic Collection

It was discovered that the only effective way to address these declines was to develop specialized cellular nutrients capable of restoring the cellular processes that are declining. The Solgar® Cellular Nutrition Collection targets deep inside cells to help renew these key natural processes.†

We are striving for a world where aging is defined by possibilities, not chronological age or preconceived limitations. We believe you can transform the way you age, cell by cell, with the power of cellular nutrition. We are here to support healthy aging, and reinforcing pride in who you are to continue doing what you love. 

Enhance your cellular potential today.†

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