Age-Defying Nutrition from Solgar®

Age-Defying Nutrition from Solgar®

Look, feel, and be your best at every life stage. 

You can’t stop the clock on aging. But you can feel and look so good, that you just don’t pay attention to that number going up anymore.

Solgar’s new line of supplements are powered by clinically-studied ingredients to help support your joints, muscles, memory, hair, skin, and eyes.*

Your age-defying plan starts here.

Solgar® Joint Ease

Improves joint comfort within 5 days†*, and supports the reduction in joint pain from exercise and physical activity.*

What’s inside:

  • TamaFlex®

    a clinically-studied, patented combination of Tamarind seed & Curcumin extract
  • Rhuleave-K®
    a patented combination of Boswelia extract and Turmeric
  • Vitamins C & D

    100% daily value of each per softgel

I want to support my joints*

Solgar® Muscle Maintenance

Helps preserve lean muscle tissue, maintain muscle strength and mass, and supports recovery after intense exercise.*

What’s inside:

  • myHMB®

    HMB stands for β-hydroxy 
β-methylbutyrate, which is naturally produced in our bodies during the metabolism of the essential amino acid, leucine
  • Vitamin D3

    1000 IU (125% daily value) per 3-capsule serving

I want to maintain muscle*

Solgar® Memory Support

This nootropic supplement for brain health helps support short-term memory‡, recall, and focus by assisting with attention.*

What’s inside:

  • Nutricog™
    A clinically-studied, patented combination of Terminalia chebula & Boswellia serrata
  • Huperzine-A

    200 mcg per 1-capsule serving
  • Vitamin D

    100% daily value per 1-capsule serving

I want to support my memory*

Solgar® Hair Growth

Helps grow thicker, fuller hair, strengthens hair roots, and supports reduction in hair loss occasionally experienced by women.*

What’s inside:

  • Keranat™
    A patented and clinically-studied ingredient shown to significantly slow hair loss, reduce scalp dryness, and promote healthier, shinier, and more lustrous hair during 12 weeks of continual use.*
  • Biotin, Zinc, and Copper
    100% daily value of each per softgel

I want to support my hair*

Solgar® Cellulite Fighter

Promotes beautiful skin and helps visibly reduce cellulite on thighs after 28 days, when combined with a healthy diet and exercise.*

What’s inside:

  • French Melon Concentrate
    Clinically-studied SOD B Dimpless® M
  • Vitamin C
    A key nutrient involved in the production of collagen, which forms the basis of vibrant skin*
  • Hyaluronic Acid
    120 mg per 1-capsule serving

I want to support my skin*

Solgar® Digital Defense

Supports eye health and helps filter out blue light when using digital devices. Improves visual performance and recovery response to bright lights and glare.* 

What’s inside:

  • Lutemax 2020

    Delivers a unique combination of lutein and zeaxanthin, derived from marigold extract
  • Resveratrol
    from Phytosure™ trans-resveratrol, sourced from Japanese Knotweed
  • Vitamin C and Zinc
    100% daily value of each for antioxidant support in one softgel

I want to support my eyes*

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