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Solgar Family

The Solgar Gold StandardTM extends beyond the finished product. We are fortunate to have the finest family - an entire team that shares the passion for quality just like Solgar's founders did. Their dedication can be found in every bottle. Our associates don't just make our vitamins, they take them as well.

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  • FarahStarted in 2006Favorite Solgar MemoryVolunteering at a Solgar sponsored charity benefitFavorite Solgar Product Chewable D-Ribose
  • XiaoliStarted in 2000Favorite Solgar MemoryOur annual holiday partyFavorite Solgar Product Flaxseed 1250 mg
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  • JhonStarted in 1999Favorite Solgar MemoryThe opportunity I have working with a great team.Favorite Solgar Product Male Multiple
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  • Betty AnnStarted in 2007Favorite Solgar MemorySinging at our 60th anniversary holiday partyFavorite Solgar Product Vitamin D3 1000 IU
  • CiriloStarted in 1998Favorite Solgar MemoryJoining my co-workers at our annual holiday party.Favorite Solgar Product Ester-C® Plus 500 mg Vitamin C
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  • EdilbertoStarted in 1999Favorite Solgar MemoryThe first holiday party I attended.Favorite Solgar Product Extra Strength Glucosamine Chondroitin
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